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All My Exes Live in Texts: Why the Social Media Generation Never Really Breaks Up

By: Maureen O’Connor NY Magazine July 21, 2013 I have 700 friends on Facebook, 36 of whom I consider exes. Not all are ex-boyfriends—in the eleven years that “boyfriend” has been a name for men in my life, I have referred to nine as “boyfriends.” The rest are men I dated casually, guys I dated disastrously, make-out

It may be a fool’s errand, but TV channels stalk millennial eyeballs

By: John Doyle The Globe and Mail July 29, 2013 If you get me started on millennials and television, I can go on and on. So let’s get started. Sean Combs came here the other day and made a pitch to TV critics, a passionate speech that included some definitive statements about television, youth and media.

Housing recovery leaves Millennials behind

By: Hadley Malcolm and Barbara Hansen USA TODAY July 18, 2013 The house needed work — weatherproofing, a new back fence, a basement to transform into a bedroom — but the couple was excited nonetheless. The house would have been their first. Instead, two weeks after putting in a bid, Mila Gates, 27, and her husband

Getting Millennials to Love Their Jobs Isn’t About Pool Tables and Beer

By: Aneil Mishra PolicyMic July 04, 2013 Only 30% of employees are motivated at work, and that is up from 28% in 2010.  About half are disengaged, don’t really care if they are “there” or not, and the rest are actively disengaged, resulting in lost productivity and other costs to the organization, like turnover.  Which category do you

Allstate Survey: Gen X worst distracted driving culprits; most Canadians perceive behaviour negatively even as this behaviour increases

SOURCE: Allstate Canada Allstate cautions motorists as July is among deadliest on Canada’s roads TORONTO, June 27, 2013 — July has the highest percentage of fatal collisions in many Canadian jurisdictions. Because the roads are clear and dry, there may be an increased temptation to multi-task behind the wheel. In a recent Allstate Insurance Company

52% of survey respondents didn’t know Canada is trying to secure EU trade deal

JESSICA HUME | QMI AGENCY OTTAWA – A small majority of Canadians who responded to a new survey had no idea the government is attempting to clinch a trade deal with the European Union, but those who were aware are overwhelmingly in favour.According to the Abacus Data survey, 48% of respondents knew of the government’s trade negotiations

Canadians see Snowden as whistleblower, but many welcome targeted terrorist surveillance

BY JESSICA HUME ,PARLIAMENTARY BUREAU OTTAWA — Edward Snowden, who leaked what he contends are privacy violations by the U.S. government, is a whistleblower, not a traitor, according to the majority of Canadian respondents in a new survey. The survey by Abacus Data found 60% of Canadians sided with Snowden, versus 15% who consider the 29-year-old

Tory support plummets after rocky spring: Survey

DAVID AKIN | PARLIAMENTARY BUREAU CHIEF OTTAWA — After a spring full of scandal that reached into the Prime Minister’s Office, a new survey finds Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are tied for voter support across the country with Thomas Mulcair’s NDP — and both of them are looking up at Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. The Abacus Data survey done

Canadians obsessed with real estate, poll suggests

Self-described real estate obsession highest in Toronto at 47%, survey indicates CBC News Most Canadians think about real estate on a regular basis, and a good number of them are obsessed with it, an online survey suggests. That’s the takeaway of a recent poll by online home selling firm Zoocasa, where the real estate company

Youth unemployment is a global crisis

In the Globe and Mail this morning Konrad Yakabuski  sums up details of the global youth unemployment crisis: While Europe is the epicentre of youth unemployment, the crisis is a global one. In Canada, more than 411,000 young people under 25 were out of work in April, pushing the youth unemployment rate up to 14.5 per
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