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About Abacus
We do things differently.

Are you changing as fast as the world around you?.

Helping our clients respond to generational change and technological disruption is what we do.

Delivering strategic insights, compelling content, and accurate data through our research and intelligence platform is how we do it.

Abacus Data offers a suite of research tools and strategy services designed to assist businesses, associations, and organizations of all stripes and sizes to engage with their key stakeholders. From custom panels, omnibus surveys, and one-off engagement studies through to customer analysis, evidence-based management and scenario planning, we offer full-service capabilities with the attention and focus of a boutique firm.

10 years of good data helping clients make better decisions

Who's Cited Our Work

infocus with David Coletto

Introducing inFocus with David Coletto, in-depth conversations and data on issues Canadians care about.

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Our Services

Market Research

Understand changing market preferences, attitudes, and behaviour through surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews.

Data Analytics

Advanced data analytics, segmentation, modeling, and research design.

Strategic Advice

Deliver top flight strategic advice that is thoughtful and based on a deep understanding of our clients and their issues.

Content Creation

Create content that engages audiences, tells a story, and demonstrates how audiences view issues, ideas, and brands.

Abacus Data

Our Products

We've interviewed 1766503
Canadians since 2010.

Our Latest Research

The Abacus Millennials Practice

Whether studying Canadian Millennial attitudes towards their job, the newest technology, social media, or politics, Abacus Data brings a fresh, unconventional, Millennial curiosity to research.
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Abacus Data

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