Good decisions require good data.

At Abacus, we’re strategic thinkers, storytellers and data experts focused on digging in to the unknown to equip our clients with the tools they need to succeed. We achieve this through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods including surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and online research communities.


She/Her/Hers is a syndicated research practice dedicated to explore how the lived experiences of Canadians, their behaviours, and attitudes are gendered. The study explores a range of subject areas that inform what it’s like being a Canadian woman today – from home life, to work life, to finances, to consumer behaviour. This study is available for purchase in its entirety or in thematic sections best-suited to your needs.

Omnibus Polling 

Fast. High-quality. Powerful insights.

A fixed b-weekly survey solution most cost effective for fielding a set number of specific questions including a rich complement of complimentary social & political demographic variables.

At least 1,500 Canadian adults surveyed every two weeks.

Results delivered to you within days.

Association & Union
Membership Studies 

An affordable survey solution where Abacus develops survey infrastructure to take a static or ongoing pulse of your membership priorities, reactions & needs. 

Need to understand the value of membership?

Strategic planning and need the voice of your member in the process?

Need to know how your union members are feeling during collective bargainning? Want to make sure you find concensus and get that agreement ratified?

We can help.

Public Policy, Public Sector and Advocacy Polling 

We are one of Canada’s most accurate pollsters. Through a custom survey, we can help you gauge public opinion on your policy or advocacy objectives and furnish you with a compelling data-driven narrative to advance your goals.

This approach has informed decision-making for various levels of government, national associations, non-profits, and advocacy groups. 

Superpower your advocacy, corporate affairs, or communications strategy with our properitary, and first of it’s kind Abacus Data MRP to know what people in individual electoral districts, neighbourhoods, or communities are thinking and feeling.

Qualitative Research

In-depth conversations with your mission critical audience moderated through online communities and live focus groups to collect rich context on your target’s decision-making processes.

Go deeper and understand why they feel the way they do.

Stakeholder Audits

Turnkey recruiting, outreach, interview, and reporting services to capture qualitative insights from your most important business or regulatory/legislative audience. 

Gather intelligence independent to find out what they really think.

Usage and
Attitudes Studies 

Understand what your customers, clients, and users think about your brand and how that impacts their behaviour. We work with some of Canada’s leading corporate brands to design and execute best-in-class marketing and customer insight studies.

Campaign Measurement
and Audience Profiling 

Profile your audience and test your key messages and creative assets among your prospective audience to assess campaign effectiveness, track progress, and develop your targeting strategy. 

Use our properitary, and first of it’s kind Abacus Data MRP to know what people in individual electoral districts, neighbourhoods, or communities are thinking and feeling to better target your campaigns.

Content Creation & Research Amplification Services 

Take your research findings and convert them into an authoritative think piece or suite of social shareables to be amplified through Abacus Data’s ecosystem of closely tracked media properties (website, newsletter, social handles). 

Executive Polling Briefings 

Regular briefings from our senior team on the state of public opinion to help guide strategic decisions.

Our Chair & CEO is regularly asked to speak to huge conferences and intimate meetings about the state of public opinion, politics, consumer behaviour, and the workplace.