Les bonnes décisions

nécessitent de bonnes données.

Les bonnes données

  • sont le moteur du succès
  • racontent votre histoire
  • permettent de dégager un consensus
  • créent le changement
We are a full-service market and
public opinion research agency.

Through qualitative and quantitative research methods, we ask the right questions that capture insights and help our clients navigate some of their biggest challenges, deepen relationships with customers and stakeholders, and better understand the road ahead.

We have a robust research toolkit. We are firm believers that every client deserves a made-to-measure research solution that fits their unique timeline and budget. Our omnibus surveys are a cost-effective and efficient way to take the pulse of Canadians on your issues or goals.  We also design custom online and telephone surveys, facilitate focus groups, conduct in-depth interviews, and host online research communities.  
We love working with organizations that are as curious as we are.  Together, we tell interesting stories about the changing world and how we can best navigate generational and technological change. We’ve worked with businesses, associations, unions, and non-profits of all shapes and sizes with one thing in common: curiosity and a pursuit of excellence.  
We love sharing new insights that go deeper Every week, we interview thousands of people, giving us a front row seat to how they react to events that shape and influence their world. This gives us a unique perspective on what Canadians think, feel, and do. We love what we do and we love sharing our work with the world. 
Our passion for understanding how and what Canadians are thinking and doing started in public affairs and politics, but it’s grown so far beyond that. Nous sommes aujourd'hui une équipe de chercheurs en pleine expansion, dont les spécialités vont de l'analyse des marques à la sensibilisation aux problèmes, en passant par la segmentation du marché, les études d'opinion publique et bien d'autres choses encore.