Abacus Data Team Members Receive Promotions as Leading Research Firm Grows

A Message from Chief Executive, David Coletto

When we started Abacus Data in 2010, I wanted to create a research and insights firm that is known for its curiosity, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail. Over the past 11 years, I think we have delivered on that vision.

Ask our clients and they will tell you they count on us to deliver timely and valuable research and insights with a hospitality-inspired approach to client service.

And we’ve been able to do all this thanks to the tireless work of a growing team of research, marketing, and sales professionals.

I am thrilled to announce several well-deserved promotions for team members who have continued to exceed expectations and orient us for future success.

Ihor Korbabicz has been promoted to the role of Executive Vice President where he will continue to lead day-to-day coordination of research, lead the consulting team, and inform and advise the CEO on strategy. He has had tremendous success in cultivating new business with financial service providers, including emerging sectors like crypto-currency, while leading projects with some of Canada’s leading private and public sector organizations.

Yvonne Langen is now the Vice President, Sales & Marketing and will continue to generate new leads, steward client relationships, and guide our marketing strategy. Despite the significant challenges presented by the pandemic, Yvonne has been instrumental in our company’s continued growth in revenue which reached an all-time high in 2021, growing by 20% over the previous year.

Oksana Kishchuk joins the executive team as Director, Strategy & Insights. Now in her fourth year working at Abacus Data, Oksana has taken on increased responsibility in all facets of our work including managing accounts, providing direction for the consulting team, driving new business, and raising brand awareness through regular appearances in major media outlets including The Toronto Star, CTV News, Global News, and more.

Our longest serving team member, Jonathan Nadeau, has been promoted to the role of Director, Field & Analysis. Jon recently celebrated his 10th anniversary working with Abacus and I am delighted to have him join the executive team. Jon will manage our research production team and lead our innovation efforts to continuously improve the quality of data we collected at a cost-effective rate for our clients.

Lastly, Megan Ross has been promoted to the role of Consultant where she will take on more responsibility in project management. Megan has demonstrated considerable professional growth during her time on our team and brings a conscientious and curious mindset to everything she does.

I’m proud of the team we have built at Abacus Data. These changes will allow us to grow while continuing to deliver outstanding work and service to our current and future clients.


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