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Megan is Senior Consultant and Qualitative Research Specialist at Abacus Data.

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Megan is a Senior Consultant with a specialization in Qualitative Research at Abacus Data. Megan combines her background in behavioural science with statistical measures to provide clients with insights that are both concrete and nuanced. Megan has cultivated an advanced understanding of the cognitive biases that govern decision-making and shape opinion – why people do what they do and feel what they feel.

Megan has become our go-to in-house expert on qualitative research. She is able to unpack the affect and emotion informing perception using both traditional and technologically-advanced methods.

Megan brings a unique understanding of behaviour thanks to her educational background, having earned a Bachelor of Cognitive Science Honours from Carleton University and post-graduate certificate in Market Research and Business Intelligence.

A bookworm from an early age, Megan enjoys immersing herself in fantasy novels and expanding her personal library.

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