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Email Megan: megan@abacusdata.ca

Prior to her role as a Consultant. Megan was an analyst at two other national research and strategy firms working in all steps of the research process for both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Her experience has provided her with an advanced understanding of the cognitive biases that govern decision-making and producing opinion. These fundamentals made her instrumental in polling and analysis for the Ontario provincial election of 2018, where she lent her skills to a key candidate.

Megan maintains a keen interest in public opinion research, as well as the ins and outs of all public policy. She has previously specialized in health care, cannabis policy, municipal affairs, and provincial affairs.

Megan holds a Bachelor of Cognitive Science Honours from Carleton University, and has a post-graduate certificate in Market Research and Business Intelligence. She's an Ottawa native who values family time and meeting as many dogs as possible.

Good Decisions Require Good Data.