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Email Ihor: ihor@abacusdata.ca

Ihor Korbabicz runs operations and project delivery at Abacus Data, principally responsible for overseeing the creation and execution of research products that deliver high impact strategic advice to clients across sectors.

Ihor’s near decade of experience in public affairs includes work with some of Canada’s top polling and strategic communications agencies, where he has been tasked with designing research exercises that serve as the foundation for effective strategies in political campaigns, re-branding efforts, reputation crisis management, product reformulation, and advertising testing for some of Canada’s leading corporations and associations. Proficient both in moderating qualitative research and quantitative design and analysis, Ihor particularly excels at bringing a strong analytics focus to unearthing the undercurrents of opinion and behaviour through advanced statistical techniques. He specializes in connecting abstract numbers and conceptual findings to real, tangible tactics that get results.

In addition to extensive work with government, Ihor has worked with companies in telecommunications, finance, grocery, media, health, and pharma. He holds a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management and a Master’s Degree in Political Management from Carleton University.

Good Decisions Require Good Data.