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Canadians Support Vaccinating Healthcare Workers Worldwide

By: Oksana Kishchuk and David Coletto With the announcements of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines last month and vaccine deployment teams ramping up their strategic planning the reality of a vaccine is getting closer and closer. It’s something that has been talked about since the beginning of this pandemic ‘When we get a vaccine…’, ‘A

Doctors key to overcoming COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest national survey, we explored how best to overcome the hesitancy which might keep some Canadians from taking the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as it is available to them. Roughly a third of those surveyed in September (33%) and November (31%) say they would get vaccinated as

Canadians are patient about COVID-19 vaccine availability

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto When asked when they think a vaccine will be made available to them personally in the new year, only 23% expect that will happen in the first quarter, another 27% guess the second quarter, 17% the third quarter, and 20% believe it will happen in October or later. When

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