Changes at Abacus Data and spark*advocacy

After many enjoyable and successful years collaborating on the growth of Abacus Data, Bruce Anderson and David Coletto are pleased to announce some changes.

Bruce Anderson will leave his role as Chairman at the end of 2022 and launch a new market research and intelligence division of spark*advocacy, called spark*insights. David Coletto, currently Abacus Data’s Chief Executive Officer, will take on the role of Abacus Chairman starting January 1, 2023.

“When we started our work together almost 10 years ago, the intent was to spend a couple of years on that collaboration. We had so much fun and success, it never seemed like the right time to bring it to a close. David is a talented and experienced research professional and a friend. I will continue to cheer him and the whole team on,” said Anderson.

“Bruce has helped Abacus Data become one of Canada’s premier insights firms, serving as a mentor and partner. Since we started working together, Abacus has grown and developed deep relationships with some of Canada’s leading companies, unions, and associations. We’ve built a stellar team of professionals and now have offices in both Toronto and Ottawa,” said Coletto. “Our current and future clients can expect the quality, attention to detail, and responsiveness that has helped differentiate our team in the marketplace.”

spark*insights will provide consulting, research and data-based insights into communications and advocacy, employing a wide range of data inputs, including data from the hundreds of advocacy and reputation campaigns spark* has developed and managed. Anderson will continue to provide clients with reputation and issue-based polling, leveraging Abacus Data’s research team.

Bruce Anderson is one of the founding partners of spark*advocacy, Canada’s most successful agency exclusively working in the field of public affairs communications, creative, and audience targeting. spark* works closely with associations, NGOs, charities, and corporations to support their reputation, advocacy, activation and ESG activities. spark*advocacy is owned by Anderson, Perry Tsergas (President & Chief Executive Officer) and Adrian Jean (Chief Creative Officer).

“Over the last few years, the pull to put more of my time into spark*advocacy (along with the pull of grandkids, Scotland, and oil painting) has been strong,” said Anderson. “I’m excited about our groundbreaking measurement around advocacy.”

David Coletto has been CEO of Abacus Data since he and his partners founded the firm in 2010. David is regularly asked to comment on politics, public policy, consumer behaviour, and the labour market by news organizations. He is an adjunct professor at Clayton H. Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management at Carleton University and serves on the boards of Ottawa Riverkeeper and the Ottawa Board of Trade.

“For the past 12 years, Abacus Data has been delivering top-flight research and insights consulting services to some of North America’s leading brands, associations, and companies,” said Coletto.

“We help leaders make better decisions and use research and data to help organizations drive change by fully understanding their audiences. Our experienced, diverse, and talented team is ready to continue the remarkable trajectory the company has taken since we launched in 2010.”

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