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DIY ANCESTRY: Genetic Testing & Corporate Trust

  By: Ihor Korbabicz The research cited below is sourced from an in-depth study of how consumers’ adoption of emerging technologies intersects with data privacy and public trust. If you would like to see more analysis from our work, please reach out to Executive Director ihor@abacusdata.ca for more information.   -Direct to consumer genetic testing

Canadians are ready for legal cannabis

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Téléchargez le rapport en français ici As recreational use of cannabis is set to become legal on October 17, we conducted a national survey of 3,000 Canadian adults on behalf of The Cannabis Council of Canada in September to find out how the country was feeling about legalization.  Here’s

Do you love oil? Hate oil? Either way, you’re in the minority.

By Bruce Anderson In our most recent national public opinion survey, we explored one of the most contentious topics in Canadian politics – oil – and found most people don’t find it all that contentious. When asked if they loved oil, hated oil, or “don’t have strong feelings about oil, it’s just a product that has

Floods caused by climate change, say most Canadians

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Canada has been facing experience significant floods in recent years, with corresponding increases in the relief costs borne by governments, and rising financial pressures on insurers and the insured. In our latest poll, we asked whether people felt this type of weather related emergency is caused by climate change.

After My Democracy, Castro, ‘cash for access’, pipelines, climate plan, Liberals end the year well ahead, but off their summer peak

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Our latest nationwide public opinion survey explored a wide variety of topics. Our first release describes the current state of federal politics, including reactions to a variety of events and decisions. Here’s what we see: Party support has seen some softening in recent weeks, but remains at levels roughly

Public perspectives on Canada’s oil resources

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest national public opinion survey (conducted November 11 to 13), given the contemporary debate about oil, pipelines, climate and carbon, we explored some current views about the development of oil resources in Canada. Here’s what we found: • Our recent polls have demonstrated a Canadian desire to


By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest survey of national opinion, we explored questions around using a price or tax on carbon to help combat the challenge of climate change. Here’s what we found: • Few people generally ask for taxes of any sort, and so it was perhaps not surprising that only


By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto HEALTH OF THE CANADIAN ECONOMY When the federal Liberals took office, the mood of Canadians on the economy was fairly gloomy: only 32% said it was in good shape. That number has climbed to 52%. In every region, feelings about the economy have improved since May. The greatest gains

Canadian Universities: Public Reputation & Expectations

By Bruce Anderson, Chairman, Abacus Data Version française disponible ici Background On behalf of Universities Canada, Abacus conducted an extensive online nationwide study of Canadians’ views of universities. The sample size was 2,000 adult Canadians, between June 18th and June 25th. Reputation of Canada’s Universities The large majority of Canadians have a good impression of

Final #elxn42 poll: What do Canadians think about the leaders?

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto The three main party leaders have been a huge part of the story of how this election has played out.  And the views of all three have shifted over the 11 week campaign. The biggest shift has been rapid improvement in positive feeling about Mr. Trudeau.  Only 30% said

Good decisions require good data.