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Canadians are divided on whether MPs should vote for Conservative committee today and force an election

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto As Canadians may be asked to vote in a snap election resulting from an impasse between the government and opposition parties, we decided to get a quick reading directly from Canadians. Between 5 pm and 9:30 pm ET last night, we surveyed 1,000 Canadian adults about the upcoming confidence

Some modestly good news for Liberals after the Throne Speech

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto After last week’s Speech from the Throne Liberal support is steady nationally at 35%, with the Conservatives five points back. NDP support is steady at 17%. The regional breaks show the Liberals ahead in BC (by 4 points), Ontario (by 8 points), Quebec (by 7 points) and Atlantic Canada

Liberals slightly ahead as the Throne Speech looms

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto An election today would see the Liberals (35%) slightly ahead of the Conservatives (32%) nationally with the NDP back at 17%. Since early this month, the Liberals are up by two, the Conservatives one, and while the NDP is down one – changes all within the margin of error.

Liberal support sags as the summer ends and O’Toole begins as Conservative leader

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto An election today would see the Liberals (33%) and Conservatives (31%) in a virtual tie in terms of national support. The NDP is further back with 18%, a level they have maintained for many months now. The regional patterns show the Liberals tied with the BQ in Quebec, virtually

Liberals and Conservatives neck and neck as Greens rise to 12%

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto This week, we completed a nationally representative survey of 1,500 Canadians and explored their views on Canadian politics to update our regularly tracking. Early next week we will release an in-depth analysis of the Green Party’s rise and surrounding implications. For now, here’s our view of the federal political

Tracking the Impact of the SNC-Lavalin Controvery: Sunday Update

By David Coletto As the weekend comes to a close and we all adjust to the time change, I wanted to share the latest results of our daily tracking. Since February 28, we have been interviewing 300 people each day and rolling 3 days of data into a snapshot of public opinion over those three

Trudeau, Scheer, or Singh: Who would most likely…

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto How people think about political leaders has to do with a lot of factors, well beyond their policy positions. Voters develop a sense of what kind of person they are, whether they can be trusted in different ways. To help shed light on how Canadians are thinking about the

Election 2015 started as a three party race. Countdown to 2019 begins with the NDP well back.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto A year from now, we will likely be in the middle of the 2019 federal election. Over the past 5 days, we polled 2,000 Canadian adults how they are seeing their political choices and how they feel about their political leaders. Here are the highlights as we see them:

Liberal support sags as PM’s image softens. His India trip hurt.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto The results of our latest survey (February 23rd to March 4th, sample of 4,023 across Canada) reveals that the Liberal Party has seen its support drop to 36%, the lowest we have measured since the election in 2015. The Conservatives are close behind with 33% followed by the NDP

Is Kevin O’Leary the Winner Conservatives Are Looking For?

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Last week, we surveyed several thousand Canadians and asked them questions about some of the prominent names in the Conservative leadership race (O’Leary, Bernier, Raitt, Leitch, and Scheer).  We also explored for perceptions of some of the names that come up most often in discussions about the NDP leadership.

Good decisions require good data.