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What Do Canadians Think of Canada’s Forest Products Sector?

By David Coletto Everyday, Canadians interact or use products produced by Canada’s forestry sector. Yet, despite this, few really understand how the sector works. That’s not surprising considering that more than 80% of Canadians live in or near a city, far from the managed forests that are the source of so many of the essential

There’s a Conservation Consensus

Public attitudes on conservation and the role of international and indigenous partnership. On behalf of the International Boreal Conservation Campaign, Abacus Data conducted a national public opinion survey of a representative sample of 2,000 Canadians. The study explored public attitudes towards conservation, Canada’s role in meeting its commitment to conserve natural spaces and the role

Bill C-69 is not a highly controversial national issue

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto One of the most hotly debated issues in Ottawa in recent years has been the federal government’s legislative proposals surrounding major project reviews. The current bill in question is known as C-69. In our latest nationwide survey, we asked a few questions to take the temperature of the public

Before the Bell: Climate Change and the Environment

Will climate change and the environment be a ballot box question this year? David Coletto joins the team at the Sixth Estate and a stellar line up of guests to discuss the issue. Hosted by veteran journalist Catherine Clark, the show is broken down into three segments.  In The Pulse, we ask opinions of expert guest pundits

New Poll: Canadians say plastics in oceans a problem and more action needed.

By Bruce Anderson In our latest national survey, we asked Canadians about a plastic garbage and oceans and waterways.  Our findings are these: One in three (36%) say it is one of the most important environmental issues today, and another 52% say it is one of many that concern them. More than 3 million people

Analysis: Carbon pricing can stand a little more help from its friends

By Bruce Anderson The political debate about climate change has become highly charged by the advocacy of those least concerned about climate change and those most convinced of the urgency of the problem. But while the charges and counter-charges among these small subsets of the population rage, Canadians, for the most part, won’t align either

Political Risk & Climate Action

For Canadian politicians, it’s riskier to ignore climate change than it is to propose solutions. By Bruce Anderson Twenty years ago, when the world’s leaders were debating the Kyoto Accord, a case could be made that politicians who chose to be early champions of action to reduce emissions were running a certain amount of political

Clean Energy Canada: Canadians react positively to national climate and clean growth plan

This release was prepared by Clean Energy Canada.  Details and additional information on the study can also be found here. Survey also shows most Canadians support a transition from fossil fuel reliance as quickly as possible, including half in Alberta New public opinion research found that roughly 20 million Canadian adults (69 per cent) heard something


By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest survey of national opinion, we explored questions around using a price or tax on carbon to help combat the challenge of climate change. Here’s what we found: • Few people generally ask for taxes of any sort, and so it was perhaps not surprising that only

Globe and Mail: Public attitudes a big hurdle to foreign takeovers

SHAWN MCCARTHY – GLOBAL ENERGY REPORTER OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail Published Tuesday, Nov. 20 2012, 7:24 PM EST Asian companies looking to acquire Canadian oil and gas producers are running into a wall of resource nationalism, according to a new survey that shows Canadians believe the country’s resource endowment represents a strategic asset that requires federal protection.

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