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Canadians See Clean Energy Eclipsing Oil and Gas in Economic Importance for Canada

By David Coletto In the latest round of survey work by Clean Energy Canada and Abacus Data, for every person who thinks oil and gas will be very important for Canada’s economy in 10 years, twice as many feel that way about clean energy. The results paint a picture of a population that believes oil

Canadians see electric vehicles becoming mainstream, soon. Environmental, fuel cost advantages widely perceived.

Canadians believe the future of consumer vehicle market will be defined by electric vehicles, and they hope it happens pretty quickly, according to the second in a series of exclusive polls by Abacus Data and Clean Energy Canada. • Most (64%) say that if it were up to them, electric cars would become the majority

Clean Energy Canada: Canadians react positively to national climate and clean growth plan

This release was prepared by Clean Energy Canada.  Details and additional information on the study can also be found here. Survey also shows most Canadians support a transition from fossil fuel reliance as quickly as possible, including half in Alberta New public opinion research found that roughly 20 million Canadian adults (69 per cent) heard something

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