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Flexibility is now table stakes for Canadian workers, especially women.

By David Coletto & Oksana Kishchuk A new study by Abacus Data on behalf of The Honest Talk finds that the pandemic has significantly changed the way Canadians view work and the workplace. The survey of more than 1,300 working adults in Canada reveals that 69% of respondents feel their work-life has changed in some

The Mental Health Crisis at Work

Almost 6.5 million Canadian workers suffer mental health distress from work By David Coletto Inflexible, unsupportive workplaces, unrewarding work and jobs that don’t pay the bills are leading factors in causing mental health distress for one in three working Canadians, who also say the problem is getting worse. Overall, almost half of Canadian workers say

Sexual Harassment of Women is Widespread in Canada

By Bruce Anderson There are almost 15 million adult women in Canada and according to our latest survey, almost 8 million of them (53%) have experienced unwanted sexual pressure. The prevalence of this experience is highest among women under 45. Just over one in ten Canadians says sexual harassment is “really quite common” in their

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