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Reaching Gender Parity in Politics: We Still Have Room to Grow

In late August 2022 Informed Opinions commissioned a survey to understand how Canadians perceive women’s political representation including how we rank relative to other countries, the level of importance of this issue and support for solutions.   The survey was conducted with n=2,000 general population individuals in Canada.  Here’s what we found: When it comes

State of the Province: How Do Nova Scotians Feel About the Provincial Government and Their Political Choices?

By David Coletto & Shay Purdy As Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston is set to deliver his first annual State of the Province Address tomorrow, in partnership with Summa Strategies, we surveyed 500 Nova Scotia residents from April 14 to 21 exploring their overall mood, their views on the government’s performance today, the top issues

What do Canadians know about Canadian politics and institutions?

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In a recent national survey, we asked Canadians five questions to get a sense of how well people know some facts about our political system.   Here’s what we found. 3 out of 10 think someone other than the Prime Minister chooses the members of the federal Cabinet. 13% think

Just 1 in 4 Canadians say the economy is poor

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto As part of the national survey we conducted at the end of June and into early July, we asked a series of questions we regularly track about the public’s impressions of the economy. THE NATIONAL ECONOMY As the country heads towards an election less than 100 days away, the

Conservatives lead as 2015 Liberal coalition splinters

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Last week, we completed a nationally representative survey of 4,015 Canadians and explored their views on Canadian politics to update our regularly tracking. Here is what we found: MOOD OF THE COUNTRY One in three Canadians feels that the country is heading in the right direction while 45% who

Another Youthquake?

Exploring the concerns, priorities, and political engagement of Canadian youth aged 15 to 30. On behalf of 10 national youth-serving organizations, Abacus Data conducted a national public opinion survey of a representative sample of 1,000 youth aged 15 to 30. Our study found several key issues of concern among youth, and dissatisfaction with the way

Housing affordability is the top issue for Millennials who are looking to achieve the dream of homeownership

By David Coletto On behalf of The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), we conducted a national survey of 2,500 Canadian millennials (those aged 18 to 38) earlier this spring (April 18 to May 9). The survey explored attitudes and perceptions around housing with Canada’s largest generation. Come the time of the next federal election in

Will June 7th belong to the millennials?

By Callista Ryan   There is less than a week till June 7th – election day for the province of Ontario.   There is a question looming over the heads of Ontario’s political parties. That is, whether millennials will turn up to vote or not and if they do, where their votes will be cast. This

NL residents support Dwight Ball’s management of bullying allegations

By David Coletto & Tim Powers Earlier this year, we released polling that found Newfoundland and Labrador residents were feeling quite anxious about the future of the province. Almost half felt that life in the province has become worse over the past 10 years; about half described things in the province as pretty bad or

Millennial Month Wrap-up

By Devlyn Lalonde April has been a fun month for us here at Abacus. For the last 30 days we have been sharing our findings from Canada’s largest reoccurring study on Millennials, The Canadian Millennials Report. In our first week we learnt that housing affordability, access to good jobs, and student debt are the major

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