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Ontario PCs and Liberals tied as frustration over vaccine rollout and 3rd wave rises

Listen to David Coletto’s new podcast inFocus with David Coletto By David Coletto As part of our national survey completed on April 14, we asked some questions exclusively of the 817 respondents living in Ontario. Note, this survey was done prior to yesterday’s announcement on new restrictions in the province and serves as a good

A New Year Brings Old Politics to Ontario

By Ihor Korbabicz and David Coletto The new year brings back a more familiar political reality for Doug Ford, with the Premier’s net popularity dropping from its high of +30 in the early days of the pandemic, to a peak of +35 in August, to just +4 today. Just about four in ten Ontarians have

Ontario PCs lead by 7 as budget set to drop

By David Coletto & Ihor Korbabicz As Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips prepares to table a budget today, a slim majority of Ontarians continue to approve of the job performance of Doug Ford’s government. Unchanged from our polling in mid-October, 52% of Ontarians approve of the job the provincial government led by Doug Ford is doing

Ontario PCs lead by 7 even as Ford Government approval drops 8 points

By David Coletto & Ihor Korbabicz As parts of Ontario re-enter a modified version of Phase 2 of COVID-19 protocols and restrictions, most Ontarians continue to approve of the job the Ford government is doing overall, although down from a high in May. According to our new survey of 1,000 Ontario residents, 52% approve of the

A Premier Ford Reset? Public yet to clue in as negatives hold steady

By Ihor Korbabicz The media has picked up on efforts to present a kinder, refreshed, genteel Doug Ford, but the public has yet to notice. Impressions of the Ontario Premier have been relatively stable since April 2019 when his negatives first reached the ~60% disapproval threshold and ~20% positive, a dynamic that has not shifted

Most people disagree with Premier Ford on whether carbon tax will cause a recession

When Ontario Premier Doug Ford claimed the federal government’s carbon tax would cause a recession in Ontario, many economists disagreed. And it seems most regular people do as well. According to the first in a series of Clean Energy Canada / Abacus Data nationwide polls: • Few Canadians (19%) expect a recession next year. If

Beyond the LCBO? Broad support for Liberalizing Alcohol Sales in Ontario

By David Coletto At the start of 2019, we explored public attitudes toward liberalizing alcohol sales in Ontario. The provincial government expanded store hours in December and has started a consultation to look at other ways of changing the way alcohol is sold in the province. Note, this survey was not commissioned or paid for

Ontario PCs lead amidst slight Liberal recovery and NDP slide

By Ihor Korbabicz Premier Ford was swept into power by an intense desire for change incubated over a long stretch of provincial Liberal governments and under a historically disliked premier. In Abacus Data’s first poll months since the Ontario PC win, we find that while most Ontarians still have negative views of the premier, few

2 in 3 Toronto residents think Ford Government should postpone council size cut until after the election or scrap plan entirely

By David Coletto Last week we conducted a survey of over 900 adult residents of Toronto for the Broadbent Institute and Progress Toronto to gauge the reaction of how the Ontario government approached its decision to reduce the size of Toronto’s city council from 47 to 25 seats. Here’s what we found: FINDING #1 By

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