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COVID Anxiety Ticks Up, More Take Vaccine Boosters

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto WORRY LEVELS LOW, BUT NOTCHING UPWARD 5% are “extremely worried” or “worried a lot” about Covid19, which is only a marginal change from our last wave, but 29% say their level of concern has increased recently, which is up 10 points. The degree of worry hasn’t intensified, but awareness

Canadians recognize we need to stop COVID everywhere, before this pandemic ends.

David Coletto In May of 2021, Abacus Data conducted the second wave of the national public opinion survey commissioned by World Vision Canada, a global relief, development, and advocacy organization. As vaccination rates increase and optimism about the end of the pandemic rising, the study explored how Canadians felt about the global impact of Covid-19.

Pandemic Pets: Did Canada see a pandemic pet boom?

By: David Coletto On Saturday, my spouse and I are welcoming a new addition to our family: a puppy! Since I was a little kid, I’ve always wanted a dog but my parents weren’t really dog people and I’m quite allergic to cats so the only pets we ever were had were fish. Like many

Pandemic Fitness: From gym closures to Zoom workouts

By: Oksana Kishchuk Like many of our pre-pandemic routines, our health and fitness habits have been altered during the last 14 months. With gyms and fitness classes open in some jurisdictions and closed in others, many Canadians have been left to improvise our workouts at least some point during the pandemic. We were curious just

Post-Pandemic Beauty Boom or Bust?

By Megan Ross During the course of the pandemic, many of us have spent more time looking at ourselves than ever before. The transition to working from home has been enabled by videoconferencing tools like Zoom and nearly all our professional and social conversations are made possible by a series of video squares. While these

Third Wave and More Restrictions Impact Happiness but a Happier Future Might be Right Around the Corner

By: Richard Jenkins When Canada moved into the third wave of the Pandemic, happiness in the country faltered. The optimism that accompanied more vaccine arrivals and the early spring in most of the country soured. Not everyone, however, is unhappy. Those who have been already vaccinated represent a significant group of happy Canadians and these

Doug Ford’s negatives rise 9-points in a week as public responds to new restrictions

Listen to David Coletto’s new podcast inFocus with David Coletto By David Coletto As part of our national survey completed this morning, we asked some questions exclusively of the 1007 respondents living in Ontario. Note, this survey was completed entirely after Premier Ford’s press conference on Friday afternoon. Here’s a quick summary of what we

Ontario PCs and Liberals tied as frustration over vaccine rollout and 3rd wave rises

Listen to David Coletto’s new podcast inFocus with David Coletto By David Coletto As part of our national survey completed on April 14, we asked some questions exclusively of the 817 respondents living in Ontario. Note, this survey was done prior to yesterday’s announcement on new restrictions in the province and serves as a good

Everything & nothing has changed. The pandemic one year later

By: Oksana Kishchuk While reflecting on the pandemic anniversary this week I came across a Twitter account from the UK which recently started posting news articles everyday from exactly one year prior. Some of the headlines seemed old, like the ones abter lockdown measures, were eerily similar to articles I’ve seen published just a few

The Silent Wave: Those with Chronic Disease/Major Illness, Their Caregivers & COVID-19

By Oksana Kishchuk Earlier this year we conducted a study for HealthPartners, an organization connecting Canadians to Canada’s most respected and well-known health charities. The online survey fielded to a general population sample of n=3,000 and included those with chronic disease/major illnesses and their caregivers. The purpose of the study was to understand the impacts

Good decisions require good data.