The Trucking Industry Has a Millennial Problem

The trucking industry is having a hard time attracting a younger workforce.

A new study commissioned by the Canadian Trucking Alliance revealed that the industry could be short as many as 48,000 workers by 2024.

Speaking on CBC Radio program “The Current”, Abacus Data CEO David Coletto explained that the trucking industry faces several challenges recruiting Millennial employees.

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Coletto explained that Millennial employees are searching for four attributes in a potential career: ability to make a contribution; flexibility; recognition; and opportunity for advancement. Trucking, with its long hours and poor work-life balance, fails to meet these criteria in its current state.

However, it is not just trucking that is in trouble- Coletto points out that many of the trades are having difficulty recruiting younger employees.

“Even if you speak to Deans and professors in these programs [trades] at colleges across the country, they are saying they themselves are having difficulty”.

There may, however, be room for the trucking industry to reposition itself as attractive to millennials. After all, as Millennials, we crave flexibility and new experiences from our work. A career in trucking allows drivers to travel all over the continent and experience a new part of the world every day. This could be perceived as desirable to Millennials who are searching for work with a sense of adventure.

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