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Renting: Smooth Sailing or Jumping Ship?

By Megan Ross In our most recent survey, we looked at how Canadian renters are doing. Are they renting happily ever after or are they looking for greener pastures by purchasing a home as soon as possible? What is the current market outlook for renters right now? How is the rental market doing in terms

For most Canadians, the world is in trouble.

Bruce Anderson & David Coletto  Canadians may be somewhat divided as to whether the country is heading in the right direction (40%) or off on the wrong track (37%), but compared to what we see in the rest of the world, the consensus seems to be things could be worse.  Around the world, only 16%

Housing affordability is the top issue for Millennials who are looking to achieve the dream of homeownership

By David Coletto On behalf of The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), we conducted a national survey of 2,500 Canadian millennials (those aged 18 to 38) earlier this spring (April 18 to May 9). The survey explored attitudes and perceptions around housing with Canada’s largest generation. Come the time of the next federal election in

Good decisions require good data.