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Six in ten Canadians believe an electric vehicle will ultimately cost them less than a gas car

Most Canadians believe that an electric vehicle will end up costing them less, despite a higher upfront cost, than a gas vehicle. Almost six in ten Canadians believe that an electric vehicle will end up being cheaper for them over a gas vehicle, while 41% think gas will end up being cheaper. At the same

Canadians see a Clean Energy System as More Affordable and More Secure than a Fossil Fuel Energy System

Eight in ten think it’s important for Canada to invest in clean energy opportunities in response to the American Inflation Reduction Act investments in climate action. In the latest round of survey work by Clean Energy Canada and Abacus Data, Canadians believe a clean energy system that includes hydro, wind, solar power and electric vehicles would

Millions feeling pain on food costs; Pessimism persists

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Over the last several months we’ve been measuring how Canadians are reacting to the higher rate of inflation and rising interest rates today.  Here’s what we found in our latest tracking. CURRENT PERSONAL ECONOMIC CONDITIONS Today, 11% say the economic conditions for them personally are relatively good, while 52%

Public Stress About Inflation Is High, but Not Rising Much

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In July, and then again last week, we measured public sentiment about the economy and inflation.  Here’s what we found. CURRENT PERSONAL ECONOMIC CONDITIONS Today, 9% say the economic conditions for them personally are relatively good, while 53% say things “could be better but are not really difficult.” Just

What Do Canadians Think of Canada’s Forest Products Sector?

By David Coletto Everyday, Canadians interact or use products produced by Canada’s forestry sector. Yet, despite this, few really understand how the sector works. That’s not surprising considering that more than 80% of Canadians live in or near a city, far from the managed forests that are the source of so many of the essential

Economic anxiety and public policy: A guide to understanding your audiences today for business, policy, and political leaders

By David Coletto I’ve been thinking a lot about the occupation/protests in Ottawa. Our team has done a lot of work examining public reactions to these protests and surrounding views on the pandemic and restrictions/protections. I have also been inspired by work and insights by colleagues and others to understand the dynamics of public opinion

Canadians See Investment Growing in Clean Energy and Sustainable Products, and Want an Ambitious Strategy to Compete in These Markets

In the latest round of survey work by Clean Energy Canada and Abacus Data, Canadians expect the next 20 years will see rising investment around the world in renewable and lower carbon forms of energy, and they want Canada to be a vigorous competitor when it comes to winning that investment race. Key findings include:

Canadians want a recovery that is ambitious, fair, and makes the country more self-sufficient.

By David Coletto For video interviews by Skype or Zoom or audio interviews, please contact David at 613-884-4730 or david@abacusdata.ca In early May, the Broadbent Institute commissioned Abacus Data to conduct a national public opinion survey to explore the kind of recovery Canadians want after the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey found: FINDING 1: By a

Co-operatives and Mutuals in the Age of Uncertainty

By David Coletto At the end of last year, we conducted a national survey of 5,000 Canadian adults for Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada that explored public attitudes about the economic system, broader public concerns, and what role co-operatives could play in alleviating those concerns. The survey also sought to profile cooperative members in Canada. The

Just 1 in 4 Canadians say the economy is poor

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto As part of the national survey we conducted at the end of June and into early July, we asked a series of questions we regularly track about the public’s impressions of the economy. THE NATIONAL ECONOMY As the country heads towards an election less than 100 days away, the

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