Game On: The Gamification of Job Training

Innovative employers are using a new way to engage employees – games.

Gamification, the process of applying game-like elements to a task, is on the rise in many areas, especially when it comes to job training, gamifying the process can increase engagement among new employees.

From our research, we know that a Millennial employees value constant performance feedback and recognition. Gamification can be an effective way to give your Millennial employee positive reinforcement, increasing their overall job satisfaction and recognizing their efforts at self-improvement.

Take Millennial favourite, beauty retailer Lush. Partnering with Memset, Lush has developed a gamified training program that encourages friendly competition among employees, and rewards them for sales efforts. The program concludes with a quiz, allowing employers to track understanding and employees to receive clear feedback.

To learn more about the Lush case study, click here.  

When it comes to employing Millennials, it is crucial to stay on top of the latest practices. For assistance evaluating your company’s millennial appeal to employees and customers, learn about our Millennial Audit.

Which Millennial type is most likely to thrive under gamified training? : The Pacer.

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