A meatless revolution or a temporary fad?

What consumer attitudes tell us about potential shifts in consumer behaviour in Canada towards plant-based alternatives. By David Coletto, Oksana Kishchuk, and Megan Ross This past May, Beyond Meat Inc. started trading shares on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Its stock was initially priced at $25 USD and within a few months, it gained over 800%

Election Poll: Singh impresses at debate while Trudeau and Scheer break even

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Following the English language network debate, we polled Canadians on their reactions. Here’s what we found: 13% WATCHED THE ENTIRE DEBATE The vast majority (87%) didn’t watch the whole debate.  Just under half (47%) watched all (13%) of some (29%) of it.  Another 23% said they heard something about

Election Poll: Tight race with two weeks to go

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Our latest nationwide survey measured the federal election trends. Here’s what we found: LIBERALS HAVE SLIGHT EDGE – TWO WAVES IN A ROW. If an election were held at the time of the survey, the Liberals (35%) would capture slightly more support than the Conservatives (33%), followed by the

Election Poll: French Language Debate a Setback for the Conservatives

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest nationwide survey, we asked francophone respondents in Quebec some questions about the leaders’ debate held in French last week. Here’s what we found (based on 373 interviews with francophone respondents in Quebec): A SIZEABLE AUDIENCE FOR THIS DEBATE 14% said they watched the whole debate, 27%

Election Poll: A better week for Trudeau’s Liberals

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto We’ve completed another election survey this week. Here’s a snapshot of what we are seeing: 1. The national race remains tight, but the Liberals are 3-points better positioned than last week, with 35% support, while the Conservatives have dropped a point to 33% (that shift is within the margin

Election Poll: A sensational week, yet a tight race remains

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In the days following the bombshell revelations of photographs of Justin Trudeau in blackface we have been polling Canadians on the election and specifically on their reaction to that development. Here’s what our data show. 1. The national race remains very tight, with the Conservatives holding 34% support, the

Election 2019: A tale of two (or more) races

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto  In our recent national survey of 4,549 Canadians, completed on August 28, we asked our usual political tracking questions.  Here’s what we found:  LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES DEADLOCKED IN POPULAR VOTE  If an election were held at the time of the survey, the Conservatives (34%) and Liberals (33%) would capture

Has Canada been worth it? Views on leaving Confederation

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our most recent national survey of 1,500 Canadian adults, we asked respondents about whether being part of Canada has been a good or bad thing for their province and whether they would vote to leave or stay in Canada if given an option to do so. Here’s what

Just 1 in 4 Canadians say the economy is poor

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto As part of the national survey we conducted at the end of June and into early July, we asked a series of questions we regularly track about the public’s impressions of the economy. THE NATIONAL ECONOMY As the country heads towards an election less than 100 days away, the

Election 2019 is a battle to define the agenda

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest survey, we offered respondents a list of possible issues that might affect their vote and asked them to identify the three that would be most important to them. THE BIGGEST ISSUES? • In every election, health care is at or near the top of the list

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