Abacus Data Continues to Grow and Optimize with Two New Hires & A Promotion

Abacus Data sets its sights on continued growth and team optimization with two recent hires and a big promotion for its longest serving team member.

“We are Canada’s most sought-after, influential, and insightful polling and market research firm,” said Chief Executive and Chairman David Coletto. “We are deeply honoured to count some of North America’s leading brands, associations, and unions amongst our clients.”

“Abacus Data is powered by an ethos of enlightened hospitality,” said Coletto, “And we are thrilled to welcome Christine Serbu as a Senior Consultant and Rachel Luczon as a Field Specialist & Analyst to help us continue to deliver on that promise and provide current and prospective clients with best-in-class service.”

Christine is an accomplished and well-rounded market research professional with over 10 years’ experience working directly with clients in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Christine is a proven project manager with sharp eyes, a critical mind, and a penchant for storytelling. Prior to joining Abacus, Christine refined her skills working with some of the largest market research firms in Canada.

“I’m thrilled to be joining Abacus and supporting their expansion across Canada. The team shares the same core values I do – work excellence, customer focus, and integrity – which made joining a no-brainer,“ said Serbu. “I’m excited to see what the future brings.”

Christine specializes in quantitative research and strives for excellence in every project – big or small. “Christine is known for her dedication to customer service, unyielding quest for improvement, and enthusiasm for creating order out of chaos,” said Abacus Data President, Ihor Korbabicz. “These qualities, along with her ample experience, make her the perfect fit for our team and will help us serve new markets and industries.”

Based in Edmonton, Christine is well-poised to service and expand the business in Western Canada.

Abacus Data is also pleased to formally welcome Rachel Luczon as a Field Specialist and Analyst working out of the Toronto office. Rachel has a background in neuroscience and psychology combined with ample experience conducting behavioural science research, examining the factors that influence decision-making.

“We have seen a marked uptick in earned media coverage for our polling releases in recent months and are delighted that our work is providing meaningful insight into how Canadians are thinking, feeling, and behaving in this uncertain time,” said Coletto. “In conjunction with our regular contributions to the national conversation as the official pollster of the Toronto Star, this coverage is helping us reach new audiences and connect with new clients. We need agile, obsessively curious, detail-oriented research professionals like Christine and Rachel to remain uncompromising in our commitment to excellence.”

“Joining the dynamic team at Abacus Data was an easy decision! With my passion for producing high-quality data, joining Abacus and supporting its mission to deliver accurate and impactful insights to clients and Canadians just made sense,” said Luczon. “I am excited to embark on this journey with a team that shares my commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of understanding the ever-evolving opinion landscape.”

Rachel will expand our capacity to field surveys and analysis, furthering our commitment to provide clients with actionable insights on time and on budget.

Further to new additions Christine and Rachel, Abacus Data’s longest serving team member, Jonathan Nadeau has been promoted to Senior Advisor to the CEO and Director, Special Projects. Since joining Abacus in 2011, Jonathan has been a key player in driving the success and continued evolution of the company.

“From humble beginnings as an intern to now serving as Senior Advisor to the CEO and Director, Special Projects, my journey with Abacus Data has been nothing short of transformative, said Jonathan Nadeau. “I look forward to working alongside my long-time friend, boss, and mentor, David Coletto, to drive even greater success for Abacus Data in the years ahead.”

Beginning his career at Abacus shortly after its inception, Jonathan’s journey has been marked by his singular dedication and adaptability. In his new capacity, Jonathan will work hand-in-glove with the CEO to action new ideas, develop original products and services to expand access and simplify the client journey.

“I am delighted to be able to collaborate more closely with Jonathan,” said Chief Executive and Chairman David Coletto. “Jon understands our work better than anyone and continues to bring creative solutions to complex problems.”

Celebrating its 14th anniversary this year, Abacus Data quickly established itself as a leader in public opinion and market research. Working with some of North America’s leading brands, associations, and public sector organizations, Abacus Data helps clients make better decisions through high-quality data, insights, and strategic advice.

About Abacus Data

We are Canada’s most sought-after, influential, and impactful polling and market research firm. We are hired by many of North America’s most respected and influential brands and organizations.

We use the latest technology, sound science, and deep experience to generate top-flight research-based advice to our clients. We offer global research capacity with a strong focus on customer service, attention to detail, and exceptional value.

And we are growing throughout all parts of Canada and the United States and have capacity for new clients who want high quality research insights with enlightened hospitality.

Our record speaks for itself: we were one of the most accurate pollsters conducting research during the 2021 Canadian election following up on our outstanding record in the 2019, 2015, and 2011 federal elections.

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