10/10: Millennials and our desire for feedback

As has been oft-repeated, Millennials are as unique as employees as they are citizens or consumers. Our distinct upbringing and exposure to technology means we have unique needs in the workplace- needs our employers often fail to address.

Of these needs, none are more prominent than our desire for feedback. Report after report, has demonstrated our affinity for evaluation. A recent study by Gallup indicated that Millennials on average receive one performance feedback session per year. These annual sessions are too infrequent however, failing to provide context or ongoing opportunities for growth that Millennials desire.

Instead, companies ought to have multiple formal evaluations per year, in addition to informal check-ins. This process would not only make us feel supported, but also provide us with opportunities to grow- one of the biggest things Millennial employees value in a job.

But where does this affinity for feedback come from? Our previous research reports suggest that the “self-esteem” education model of the 80s and 90s, lead us to grow accustomed to being given positive reinforcement for everything from scoring the winning goal to properly handling safety scissors. Without this feedback continuing into the employment sphere, we may feel lost or unsure of our standing within the organization.

When it comes to employing Millennials, it is crucial to stay on top of the latest practices. For assistance evaluating your company’s millennial appeal to employees and customers, learn about our Millennial Audit.

Which Millennial Type is Likely to thrive in feedback-heavy environments: The Achiever.

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