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The purchase and sale of recreational cannabis have recently become legal in Canada. This change has and will continue to create a number of new dynamics in the marketplace for product manufacturers, retailers, and public policymakers.

Drawing on our extensive experience in understanding the nascent legal market for cannabis products, Abacus Data is launching a market monitoring tracking study to explore how legalization is affecting consumers and to keep an eye out for public policy and marketing issues that may require adjustments along the way.

This is the ideal product for all three levels of government or businesses in the manufacturing and retail space who want to keep a close ear to the evolving cannabis conversation in Canada.

For the first year of legalization, we will survey a sample of 5,000 Canadians on a quarterly basis, after the first year we will move to survey biannually. The sample will be reflective of the regional, age, gender, and income profile of the country and will include both users and non-users of cannabis. With the recent legalization, we expect this will be the first time that we can expect a clear line of sight on the size of the market, as respondents should be less hesitant to be honest about their product use.

Our plan is to launch our first wave study in January 2018 and use that to create a market segmentation model based on usage and attitudes. This will serve as a framework for examining product and brand image, as well as expectations for the role of government and public policy.



  • How many people are using different cannabis products and at what frequency?
  • What is the typical spend per customer per product?
  • How is the shift from illegal to legal market going?
  • What companies and brands are recognized?
  • How are people responding to product marketing?
  • Are education and enforcement regulations working?
  • Is legalization helping to keep the product away from children or curtail the black market?
  • How is the retail experience for customers based on mode of purchase?
  • What societal impacts are observed by Canadians?

And many more.


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