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Are Canadians Stepping Into 2023 on the Right Foot?

By: Oksana Kishchuk For many of us, a new year symbolizes a fresh start. A time for resolutions, resets and redefining our goals. But we are curious, are Canadians starting 2023 off on the right foot? How many of us had a positive mindset heading into 2023? Well, we looked into our happiness monitor numbers

Abacus Election Bulletin: Emotion and Election Campaigns – The Impact of Happiness on Engagement and Assessment

Each day during the 2021 Federal Election campaign, researchers at Abacus Data will share insights and analysis from our polling in concise, insights-focused reports. To never miss our polls and analysis, subscribe to our newsletter. By Richard Jenkins Elections often feel like a referendum on the previous 4 years, or in this case 2 years.

More Happiness Evident but Young People Remain Unhappy

By: Richard Jenkins and Oksana Kishchuk It feels like a happier place. As restrictions have loosened and more and more people are seeing family and friends the word on the street feels more positive. Certainly, Canadians this spring are as happy as they have been since the Happiness Monitor was launched in October. But our

Third Wave and More Restrictions Impact Happiness but a Happier Future Might be Right Around the Corner

By: Richard Jenkins When Canada moved into the third wave of the Pandemic, happiness in the country faltered. The optimism that accompanied more vaccine arrivals and the early spring in most of the country soured. Not everyone, however, is unhappy. Those who have been already vaccinated represent a significant group of happy Canadians and these

Are Canadians Happier than Americans?

By: Oksana Kishchuk This last week we took the opportunity to answer a question that’s been on our minds since we started the Abacus Data Happiness Monitor: are Canadians happier than Americans? We went into field late last week with surveys in both countries to answer that question. But before we get into the comparison,

Pandemic + Winter Blues= Drop in Happiness?

By Richard Jenkins Last week happiness in Canada fell to its lowest point since late November. Are Canadians suffering from the winter blues? Is the pandemic taking its toll on our collective happiness? In fact, it is probably a combination of the two as the pandemic has made our winter blues more acute. January was

The Happiness Monitor- Who is the happiest?

By Oksana Kishchuk & Richard Jenkins One of the things we are most interested in when starting the Happiness Monitor was answering the question; ‘who is the happiest?’. We took a look at some difference demographics to see how happiness compares to build a portrait of national happiness. Where are the happiest people in Canada?

The Happiness Monitor- Happiness & Mental Health

By Oksana Kishchuk At first glance, a question about someone’s level of happiness may appear superficial. But our perceived level of happiness is tied to all sorts of aspects of our lives- including our mental health. In fact, one of my first questions when starting the Happiness Monitor was what our happiness says about our

The Happiness Monitor- About Happiness

By Richard Jenkins and Oksana Kishchuk “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence” Aristotle Happiness is a deeply personal emotion. But, like values, it is key shaper of human behaviour. We pursue happiness. The decisions we take about our relationships, products and services we buy,
Average Happiness Score

We like where we live.

Most Canadians feel their community is better than average: quality of life is good, economic opportunities could be better By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Abacus recently completed an in-depth nationwide study for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. This is the first in a series of five story lines based on the results of this

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