School’s Out For Summer: Millennials and Vacation

With summer right around the corner, many are wondering where to spend their vacation. For Millennials, the answer likely isn’t Canada.

A recent study by Destination Canada revealed that Millennials are eight times more likely to travel internationally than domestically. Factors cited include prohibitively expensive domestic airfare and the lack of affordable accommodations.

While these practical considerations are important, the key draw for Millennial travellers is the experience. As Millennials, we want to experience something exciting and different from our travels, not more of the same. We want to explore new places, taste new foods and beverages, and meet interesting people. And crucially, we need to be able to share this experience with our peers, through Instagram Facebook, and Snapchat.

If we can’t Instagram the trip, and impression our network (or make them jealous), why bother?

Canada needs to find and market the experience.  A recent Travel Alberta campaign reminders readers/ viewers to “remember to breathe” understands the value of showcasing the experience.

It would appear Destination Canada recognizes this- they’ve launched a website with MUCH to appeal to younger travellers. Titles include “The 13 Most Instagrammable Places in Canada” and “5 Places to Explore Another Culture Without Leaving Canada”. Listacles work.  Just ask Buzzfeed!

As Millennials continue to rival Boomers as a travel market, Canadian tourism needs understand what Canadian Millennials want from a travel experience and suggest ways a Canadian destination can fill that desire.

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