#Remain: The Millennials on Brexit

Well, the dust is still settling and people around the world are shocked to find that the has UK voted to leave the EU.

While it will be some time until the official numbers are available, unofficial reports paint a picture of Brexit as a deep generational divide.

A poll by YouGov showed that 64% of Britons aged 25-29 opted for Remain, along with 61% of the 30-34 demographic. It is reasonable to conclude then, that the 45+ crowd, largely comprised of baby boomers, were the force that tipped the scales in favour of leave.

Using the #Remain, many Millennials argued passionately for remaining in the EU in the days and weeks leading up to the referendum. However in the end, Leave won with 51.9% of the vote.

In the aftermath, Millennials are not hesitating to make their voices heard. Here are a selection of some notable Millennial responses:


One of the most striking comments came from our own chairman, Bruce Anderson, who wrote the following:


Millennial citizens are tremendously distinct from previous generations. To learn more, visit our Research Page.

Millennial Type Most Likely to Advocate to #Remain: The Spark.

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