Forget the Bed Bugs: Millennials opt for a new kind of hostel

As discussed in an earlier post, Canadian Millennials are opting to travel abroad rather than domestically. But where are they staying during their backpacking adventures? Ask any Millennial and they’ll all tell you the same thing – hostels!

The more affordable counterpart to traditional hotels, hostels are distinguished by their communal facilities and younger guests. And according to a recent study, millennials are driving the hostel business into the stratosphere.

Why the Millennial interest in hostels? Well, aside from the evident cost efficiency, hostels appeal to Millennials’ desire for travel as an experience. Hostels, with their communal-based designs, are ideal for meeting other young travellers to go on excursions with. Some hostels even facilitate this, with some going so far as to offer bike rentals.

An excellent example of a hostel chain that has cornered the Millennial market is St Christopher’s Inn. Marketed as “the best backpacker’s hostel”, St Christopher’s has 20 locations across Europe that draw a younger crowd. To learn more about St Christopher’s, visit their website.

Based on Millennial attitudes, we can expect the hostel trend to continue. For example, the same study found that 87% of Millennials saw travel as a very important aspect of their lifestyle, and 86% planned to travel the globe as much as possible in their life.

With no end of Millennial travel in sight, hostels may enjoy success for years to come.

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