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National Poll: Tories lead Liberals by 8 points

A new Abacus Data National Poll finds that the federal Conservatives hold an 8-point lead over the federal Liberal Party.  The national online survey of 1,001 Canadians found that among decided voters, the Conservatives are at 33%, followed by the Liberals at 25%, and the NDP at 21%.  The Green Party and Bloc Quebecois are

Canadians Think The Next Generation Will Not Be Better Off Than Their Own

A new Abacus Data National Poll finds that the recession has soured Canadians’ mood.  The optimism of  three or four years ago is largely gone.  People feel that they don’t have a say and the future isn’t all that bright.  One in four Canadians agreed with the statement  “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going

Canadians and the UN Security Council

A new Abacus Data National Poll finds that while Canadians believe it is important for Canada to have a seat on the UN Security Council, the failed attempt to gain a seat will have no real political consequences for the federal government. Download the detailed report here.

Canadians Split on F-35 Jet Purchase

A new Abacus Data National Poll finds that Canadians are divided on whether the federal government’s plan to purchase 65 F-35 fighter jets is the right thing to do.  35% support the purchase while 37% oppose the purchase of the jets. Download the detailed report here.

Experienced Candidates Perform Better in Canadian Elections

Abacus Data’s CEO David Coletto guest writes in this week’s Hill Times about the relationship between political experience and performance for candidates running in Canada federal elections.  Read more…

PCs Hold Marginal Lead Over the Liberals in New Brunswick

One week before the election, the Progressive Conservative Party has a small lead over the Liberal Party that is within the margin of error for the survey. 42% of decided voters said they would vote for the PC Party, followed by 38% for the Liberals, 11% for the NDP, and 6% for the Greens.  The

Candidate Fundraising in Canadian Elections

Abacus’ CEO, David Coletto, guest writes in this week’s The Hill Times about his research on candidates, fundraising, and Canadian elections.  Incumbents and experienced candidates raises considerably more money than inexperienced candidates. Read more…
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