How a home internet connection is helping Canadians get through the COVID-19 pandemic

By David Coletto For over five weeks now, Canadians have been told to #StayHome and physically distance themselves from others because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So much of how they live, work, learn, and play has been upended, altered, and disrupted. Earlier this week, my spouse and I were talking about how surreal this has

Canadians recognize that regional wireless competitors have helped to reduce prices and believe further competition will reduce prices even more.

By David Coletto Téléchargez la version française Earlier this month, we conducted a national public opinion survey commissioned by Shaw Communications on public perceptions and impressions about the wireless market in Canada. Here’s what we found: 3 IN 4 CANADIANS BELIEVE THAT THEY CAN FIND LOWER COST OPTIONS FOR THEIR WIRELESS SERVICE THAN THE CONTRACT

A Premier Ford Reset? Public yet to clue in as negatives hold steady

By Ihor Korbabicz The media has picked up on efforts to present a kinder, refreshed, genteel Doug Ford, but the public has yet to notice. Impressions of the Ontario Premier have been relatively stable since April 2019 when his negatives first reached the ~60% disapproval threshold and ~20% positive, a dynamic that has not shifted

Abacus Data Bulletin: Canadians would impeach & remove US President Trump

Abacus Data Bulletins are short analyses of public opinion data we collect. For more information or media interviews, contact Bruce Anderson or David Coletto. If it were up to a majority of Canadian voters, President Trump would be both impeached and removed from office, according to our latest nationwide opinion data.  Fully 60% say they would prefer to

How Canadians celebrate (or don’t celebrate) Christmas

By Megan Ross and David Coletto With Christmas around the corner, we decided to ask Canadians about how they do (or don’t) celebrate the “most wonderful time of the year” (in our opinion). We replicated some questions we asked back in 2012 to see what’s changed. Interesting, a lot has. Here’s what we found: Canadians

A meatless revolution or a temporary fad?

What consumer attitudes tell us about potential shifts in consumer behaviour in Canada towards plant-based alternatives. By David Coletto, Oksana Kishchuk, and Megan Ross This past May, Beyond Meat Inc. started trading shares on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Its stock was initially priced at $25 USD and within a few months, it gained over 800%

Consumer Spotlight: Streaming Services in Canada

By Megan Ross With the recent launch of both Disney+ and Apple TV Plus, the streaming wars are heating up.  The market is saturated with all your favourite tv shows and movies accessible at the click of your mouse. It begs the question of whether there is enough room in the market or money in

Millennials and the short-term rental market

By Shruti Sandhu Millennials and the Canadian Housing Market have been a subject of discussion for nearly a decade. Can they afford it? What will they buy? Where will they buy? When will they buy? These are all questions that reporters, realtors, and social scientists try and answer on a regular basis. Born between the

Electoral hopes need millennial votes

By Shruti Sandhu With Climate Change being one of the ballot box issues for the upcoming Federal Election, candidates would do well to recognize the importance climate change plays in the electoral calculus of Canada’s millennials. Candidates without a credible plan on climate change will find it difficult to gain the support of Canada’s largest

Share everything: How millennials turned the simple idea of sharing into a multi-billion dollar economy

By Devlyn Lalonde Yes, the Millennials have been and are going to turbo-charge the sharing economy and continue to throw our traditional economy into chaos. Let me explain… We will begin by dispelling some myths about the sharing economy. Firstly, people sharing things is not a new phenomenon. Humans have been formally sharing stakes in

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