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How has the pandemic impacted holiday shopping and winter travel in Canada?

By David Coletto & Megan Ross This holiday season will be unlike any other that Canadian’s have experienced because the COVID-19 pandemic has severely restricted what we can and should do this year. For the past eight months, the pandemic has altered many of the ways we do things. It introduced consumers to new ways

Canadians are patient about COVID-19 vaccine availability

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto When asked when they think a vaccine will be made available to them personally in the new year, only 23% expect that will happen in the first quarter, another 27% guess the second quarter, 17% the third quarter, and 20% believe it will happen in October or later. When

Abacus Data Bulletin: Half of Canadians say they won’t gather with family outside their household for the holidays

Abacus Data Bulletins are short analyses of public opinion data we collect. For more information or media interviews, contact David Coletto.     PLEASE NOTE: The results in this release were updated on December 3. In our latest national survey completed on December 3, we asked respondents what they planned to do for the holidays

Liberals lead by 6 nationally, as COVID-19 gains as top issue

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Our latest national survey puts the Liberals ahead by 6 nationally – and with leads in BC, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada that would give them potential to win a majority if an election were held today. • In BC, the Liberals 34% lead the Conservatives by six (28%).

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women: Canadians Concerned about COVID-19 Impacts

By Oksana Kishchuk Yesterday was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It is a day to amplify the call to action of eliminating and preventing violence against women. The issue of violence against women is a problem world-wide and also at home. According to data from a Statistics Canada survey, every

Wealth tax? Canadians like the idea.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In our latest national survey, we asked how Canadians felt about two different tax ideas that have been discussed as part of an approach to helping pay for the costs of the pandemic. Here’s what we found. On the idea of a 1% tax on wealth paid by people

Mental and emotional strain of COVID-19 becoming key risk for many Canadians

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Canadians generally believe that the authorities who make the COVID-19 rules for where they live and work are finding the right balance in terms of mitigating health, economic and mental health risks, except in the Prarie provinces. Across the country, 58% say authorities are handling that challenge well, 33%

COVID-19 & Canadian Youth: Impacts, Perspectives and The Recovery

By Oksana Kishchuk In September 2020 Abacus Data partnered with 13 youth-serving agencies to undertake a survey of Canadian youth aged 15 to 30. We wanted to better understand the experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic thus far, as told by Canadian Youth. Here’s just some of what we found.  (To read the full report, click
Interest in a Recovery Plan that addresses

Biden win met with relief and optimism in Canada

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Canadians overwhelmingly believe the election victory of Joe Biden will be good for Americans and for the world. We asked Canadians to indicate whether they think Mr. Biden’s win will be good or bad across eleven different topics and in 10 of 11 cases, at least 3 out of

Liberals lead by eight as Canadians say their vote is tied to COVID-19 response plan.

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Our latest national polling data shows that an election held today would see the Liberals with 38% support, 8-percentage points ahead of the Conservatives. This is the largest lead for the Liberals since June and a 4-point gain in about a month. The Liberals lead in every part of

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