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Email: richard@abacusdata.ca

Richard brings to Abacus a passion for public opinion. The common thread in his writing and his client work is a deep interest in three questions. What do Canadians think? Why do they think that way? And, why does it matter?

Richard’s twenty plus years of experience in research includes work with some of Canada’s top research firms and a ten year plus stint running his own boutique research firm. Richard has extensive experience in public affairs, policy development, branding, customer experience, and employee experience research for some of Canada’s leading public and private sector organizations.

As a published peer-reviewed author and with more than 200 public opinion projects led, Richard has a deep understanding of research methodologies, project management, and statistics. What sets Richard apart is his ability to unearth digestible insights from quantitative research and present them in a meaningful way to clients.

In addition to extensive work with governments and professional associations, Richard has worked with companies and not-for-profit organizations in telecommunications, finance, and health. Richard holds an Honours and Masters degree in Political Studies from Queen’s University and a Doctoral Degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia.

Contact Richard at richard@abacusdata.ca

Good Decisions Require Good Data.