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Email Miguel: miguel@abacusdata.ca

He has a genuine passion for research and brings a genuine curiosity to his work – eager to understand people’s values, opinions, interests, and motivations.

Miguel believes that market research is key to effective decision-making across industry; that it enhances our ability to observe, interpret and analyze the needs and preferences of relevant stakeholders.

Miguel has previously worked in the education sector in Latin American markets and has had the opportunity to play different roles in administrative, research, and admission departments in universities and business schools. Through his experience working in postsecondary education, he learned that asking good questions leads to better insights and better outcomes.

Miguel holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a post-graduate certificate in Market Research and Business Intelligence from Algonquin College. Miguel is from Lima, Peru, and is based in the Ottawa office. He is delighted to discover Canadian culture and everything that Ottawa has to offer (including its winters).

Contact Miguel at miguel@abacusdata.ca

Good Decisions Require Good Data.