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Eddie is Vice President, Insights at Abacus Data

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Eddie combines his deep understanding of human behaviour and decision-making processes with his unwavering passion for analytics to provide clients with research that goes beyond the obvious. By revealing insights that are both unexpected and actionable, Eddie helps clients gain a deeper understanding of their target audiences and make more informed decisions.

Earning his PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Calgary in 2012, Eddie dedicated his career to using analytics and storytelling to understand the complexities of human thinking, emotions, and behaviour. Over a 15-year career, he has worked with clients ranging from local to international across various sectors including government, residential and commercial development, transportation, tourism, education, retail, and finance, among others. In addition to over a decade of experience in market research, Eddie served as Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary for nearly a decade.

Outside of Abacus, Eddie spends his time finding ways to fuel his creative outlet through home renovations and building customer furniture. The journey of conceiving an idea, meticulously planning its execution, and constructing it from the ground up is something that he will never grow tired of. Eddie is also sure to actively involve his two young daughters in every project he undertakes.

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