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Welcome to the Canadian Millennials Report.

Here you will find our latest thoughts and findings on the Millennial generation. From politics, technology, to finance we look at how this dynamic generation is shaping the world and how the world might be shaping them. Alongside our latest thought pieces and analysis, you can also find the Abacus Canadian Millennial Report. This is the largest re-occurring report on Millennials in Canada. With 2,000 Canadian Millennials surveyed twice a year we ask them for their thoughts on current affairs as well as track their perceptions on brands, governments, ideas, and lots more. If the Canadian Millennial Report is too general for you we’ve also broken it down into more specialized subjects such as: Millennial Technology Habits and Engagement, Personal Financial and Economic Outlook, Policy Priorities and Government Performance, Corporate Social responsibility, and The Millennial Mind.

If you have a question that you don’t see answered here or would like to know more about our Millennial practice, drop us a line in the contact form below. We would love to hear from you.


We know from our research that Millennials are engaging with government and society in a profoundly unique way. Evidence from the last federal election indicates that more Millennials voted and engaged in politics than ever before. Millennials are the new driving force of Canadian politics. But if the government or your organization wants to tap into this powerhouse generation you will have to understand how they communicate, what their priorities are, and how they perceive the world around them.

The Canadian Millennials Report is Canada’s largest reoccurring syndicated publication dedicated to understanding the views of Canadian Millennials. With 2,000 Millennials surveyed twice a year tracking their attitudes over time and their perceptions of current issues. Subscribers will gain a nuanced understanding of Canadian Millennials that will offer insights into the priorities, evaluations, and attitudes of Canada’s largest generation.

If the full study is beyond the scope of your needs check out our curated studies below. Each offers in-depth analysis on specific areas of Millennial life and offers insight on the Millennial point of view on various topical issues.

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Young people are increasingly moving away from traditional channels of media consumption such as TV, radio, and print towards downloading and streaming almost all content online. Thanks to the rise of telecommunications, mobile, the internet, and social media, young Canadians have never had a more diverse choice of communication technologies to interact and engage with. The study examines where and how Millennials get their news about current affairs and tracks their use of telecommunication services (TV, mobile, internet) as well as device ownership, social media use, and OTT streaming services. This study helps subscribers understand how best to reach Millennials and how to inform and engage them.

Price: $5,000

Housing affordability, employment stability, and household finances are key issues for this generation. How optimistic or pessimistic are Millennials about the job market? How do they feel about job opportunities in their area? How do they compare their economic experiences to that of older generations and what is their outlook?  This study explores how Millennials feel about the current and future economic and personal financial circumstances.

Price: $5,000

The ethical operation and social responsibility of business, NGOs, and governments are important to Millennials. This study asks Millennials to explain what CSR means to them and how they measure effectiveness. It tracks their perceptions of different industries and their views on the necessary regulatory environment.

Price: $5,000

Our experience shows us that Millennials are resilient and remain optimistic despite the challenges they may face.  This study explores the state of mind of the generation including their satisfaction with life, what they are optimistic about, what they worry about, and what their top personal priorities and concerns are.

Price: $5,000

The study tracks the specific policy priorities of the generation and asks Millennials to evaluate the performance of federal and provincial governments in delivering services and managing public policy overall in key policy areas. It provides a comprehensive look at policy priorities around employment and training, housing, the environment, immigration, climate change, and energy policy, tax policy, health policy, energy policy, and justice issues.

Price: $5,000

Good Decisions Require Good Data.