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10 | 12 | 2014

Follow Up to “Politics Anyone?”: Gender Differences by Age Group

Yesterday we released some new data on the willingness of Canadians to run for public office as a follow up […]

By: Abacus
09 | 12 | 2014

Politics Anyone? Who would run for office in Canada

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In next year’s federal election well over 1,000 people will register as candidates for […]

By: Abacus
24 | 11 | 2014

The Battle for Quebec: Mulcair v. Trudeau

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto In 2011, the Jack Layton led New Democrats won 59 of 75 seats in […]

By: Abacus
06 | 11 | 2014

Mixed opinions about what to do in the wake of the attack in Ottawa

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Voting Intention Our latest voting intention data has the Liberals leading with 35% of […]

By: Abacus
29 | 10 | 2014

How Canadians Feel about the Postmedia-Sun Deal, Ebola, and Media Bias in Canada

LATEST HIGHLIGHTS Little worry about Post-Sun Sale Modest concern about Ebola Most doubt “Mainstream Media” bias In our most recent […]

By: David
27 | 10 | 2014

Introducing Matters of Opinion 2014: How information is shared & considered among Canadians

  How do Canadians share and consider information about public affairs? For a second year, and Abacus Data partnered […]

By: David


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