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By: Allison Vuchnich and Carmen ChaiGlobal News
May 9, 2013

TORONTO — They may not have kids to feed, house mortgages to pay or a minivan, but Canada’s generation of the future is feeling the stress.

Millennials — or those 18 to 33 years old — are feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders, more so than Baby Boomers and even Canadians born in the Generation X time frame.

They’re armed with technology, are highly educated, and were promised a world of career climbing, salaries and stability if they play by life’s rules; get through school and a multitude of extra-curricular activities.

Instead, some Millennials are juggling multiple jobs outside their field of study. They’re managing student loan debt and paying bills.  In Canada, the debt from student loans is $15 billion dollars, according to theCanadian Federation of Students.

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