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This week I’m working on posts to respond to a question posed by reader Briana, who took interest in my (now ongoing) series about the cross section of craft beer and Millennials, who range from 18 to 33.

Mainly, she was curious about whether or not young drinkers have an affinity for buying cheaper beer to get more, rather than spending extra money on craft beer and ending up with less.

The way we left things in my previous post showed that while buying cheap beer for the sake of binge drinking may certainly be a case for some Millennials, available data suggests it’s heavily skewed toward 18 to 24-year olds and most likely, college students.

So if that’s the case, let’s get back to the original question from Briana:

…why are the young, broke, and cool more interested in spending $5 or more on a craft beer when they could be buying a cheaper beer and getting more of it?

To me, there are actually several sociological and cultural patterns that may lend themselves to answering this question. Aside from the natural response, “because craft beer tastes better,” of course.

Where Millennials Live

There are lots of factors that can point young beer drinkers toward craft beer, but it’d be silly of me to ignore the most important part of living situations: location, location, location.

That’s what piqued my interest after looking into where Millennials are migrating. As it’s been before, cities are an attractive place for youth, but there’s more to it than that.

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