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A study published by the Harvard Institute of Politics is showing that a surprising number of millennials support US Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

The poll showed that 25% of people under 30 intend on voting for ‘the Donald’ if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination.

However (as expected) Democratic nomination candidate, Bernie Sanders, remains the most popular among Gen Y, with 80% of respondents saying they would vote for Sanders should he win the nomination.


The reason for their support? Economic pressure following the recession, says one expert.

In an interview with Fortune, senior fellow at the University of Southern California, Morley Winograd, explained “Young voters think: “‘The system is rigged, I need somebody to totally overthrow the system’ and that’s what Trump says he’s going to do and that’s what Sanders says he’s going to do”.

However, a poll we recently conducted at Abacus Data demonstrates that Canadian Millennials are different.

When asked who they would vote for in a Clinton versus Trump election, only 17% of those under 30 indicated Trump.


The results were even more dramatic with a Trump versus Sanders race, with support for Trump dropping to 14%.


One thing is clear, if Canadian Millennials had their say, ‘the Donald’ would not be moving into the oval office any time soon.

To read the findings from our study about Canadian sentiments on the US Presidential election, including what Millennials think, click here.

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