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Our mission is simple:

In a world characterized by uncertainty and constant change, we furnish our clients with actionable insights and increased confidence; empowering them to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Whether you’re looking to gauge public opinion by posing a single question on an omnibus survey or looking to develop a longitudinal online research community with your customers, we begin every project with a conversation. We want to establish a deep understanding of your research objectives, challenges, and opportunities and take a collaborative approach to developing a research plan that will exceed your expectations.

We offer a suite of research tools and strategy services designed to assist businesses, associations, and organizations of all stripes and sizes to engage with their key stakeholders. From custom panels, omnibus surveys, and one-off engagement studies through to customer analysis, evidence-based management and scenario planning, we offer full-service capabilities with the attention and focus of a boutique firm.


What we offer


Understand the changing market preferences, attitudes, and behaviour in your sector.


We have worked with corporate, union, and association clients to glean invaluable insights to bring the member, audience, or employee voice into the decision-making process.


Our senior team regularly briefs senior executives on the state of public opinion to help guide decisions. Arrangements can be made on a retainer basis with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly public opinion briefings. Watch an example briefing delivered by Abacus Chief Executive David Coletto.


Top-flight guidance on how to shape your strategic direction based on our deep understanding of your organization and your issues.


As data experts and strategic consultants, we can work with your organization to set goals, objectives, and KPIs that make your progress measurable – an ideal approach for anyone looking to make a case for support to a board of directors or funding body.


As the Canadian millennials experts we can work with your organization to better understand how to attract and retain millennial talent, manage the intergenerational workplace and plan for the future.


We offer advanced data analytics, segmentation, modelling, and research design. We take an existing data set, quantitative or qualitative, structure, organize, and model it with experience, speed, and curiosity.


Abacus Data CEO, David Coletto, is one of Canada’s foremost experts on public opinion, Canadian politics, consumer behaviour, millennials and Generation Z. He delivers engaging presentations on these subject to national and international audiences. He is an ideal catalyst for a conversation about generational change at your next AGM, board meeting, or conference.


Pose a question to Canada. We run a biweekly, national omnibus survey where we take Canada’s pulse on a wide range of issues.

This is a great option for clients with a limited scope or restrained budget. For $1,200, you can purchase a question on the national omnibus which includes design support, demographic and regional variables, and a PowerPoint deck with analysis.

Here's a sample of the kind of work we do:


If you’re looking to conduct research to create a case for support for your policy priorities or product, we will help you shape the findings into a clear and compelling narrative – whether that’s in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, written report, or presentation to your Board or key stakeholders.

In addition, we can help you share that story with a wider audience and get the results noticed by influencers, policymakers, and the general public through our robust social and digital platform.

This platform includes:

  • The largest public affairs/relations social media platform of any polling company in Canada that includes a combined Twitter following of 62,000, over 3,500 Facebook followers, and an email distribution list of over 5,400.
  • But more important than the size of the network is its quality. Our team and corporate platforms are followed by leading elected and unelected officials, senior bureaucrats, political journalists and editors, and other influencers within your target ecosystems.


We often partner with our friends (and office mates) at spark*advocacy who help transform your research findings into eye-catching campaigns for digital, social, out-of-home, and more. They can also boost your communications with a geo-targeted or audience-targeted advertising spend to connect, inform, persuade, surprise, and spark a conversation.

Together, we bring the left and right sides of the brain together: analytical and data-based insights and strategy combined with creativity, compelling stories, and impactful design.

Abacus Data and Spark Advocacy left brain/right brain illustration

Adherence to CRIC Standards

Abacus Data Compliance with Canadian and Global Research Best Practices

Abacus Data is an Accredited Agency member of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) which is the governing body which sets standards for the research industry in Canada. We are also a member of ESOMAR, the global standard setting body for research.

This is to certify that Abacus Data

  1. Complies with the standards of CRIC which is the national standards body and submits to random independent audits of our standards compliance 
  2. Complies with the CRIC Canadian Code of Market, Opinion, and Social Research and Data Analytics 
  3. Conducts research in a manner consistent with the standards of ESOMAR which is the global standards body
  4. Conducts research in a manner consistent with the ISO 20252:2019 standard which is relevant to our research activities.

As part of our standards at the firm, we support the CRIC Pledge to Canadians.

CRIC Pledge to Canadians

Your voice counts! By participating in marketing, social and public opinion research, your opinions help influence the things that matter most to you. This includes government policies and programs and the development of products and services that better meet your needs. We recognize that your continued participation and willingness to share your opinions is based on trust and respect. When you participate in research offered by our firm or any company that is a member of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), you can expect that:

  1. Your personal information and identity will be kept confidential.
  2. You will never be sold anything or asked for money.
  3. You will never be pressured or influenced on how to answer any questions.
  4. Your decision to not participate or to discontinue your participation will be respected.
  5. You will be provided with details of any compensation offered for your participation if applicable.
  6. You can verify that research you are invited to participate in is legitimate using CRIC’s Research Verification Service. A CRIC Research Verification Service code will either be provided in the invitation or upon request.
  7. You will be informed of the name of the research company and the purpose of the research.
  8. You will be given the approximate time required to participate in the research.
  9. You will be informed in advance if the interview will be recorded or if additional information such as your location will be collected and of the purpose for collecting that information.
  10. You will be contacted at reasonable times and, where possible, you will be offered to be recontacted at a time that is more convenient.

We welcome your feedback on our research. Feedback on any CRIC member company can be provided through the CRIC Research Verification Service.


 CEO Declaration of Compliance with CRIC Standard

CEO Declaration of Compliance with ISO 20252:2019

Good Decisions Require Good Data.