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Business:Society – Millennial Survey 2011

The members of the Millennial generation represent the future of cultural, economic, political, and social life as well as the future of business – they are our future leaders, consumers, agents of change, and hold the key to global prosperity.

Restoring and enhancing the reputational capital of business therefore has a twofold importance for todayʼs business leaders – first, to address the decline in trust in business among wider society and secondly, to understand and realize the opportunities inherent in the new direction being shaped by the Millennial generation.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited commissioned The Millennial Survey and the EIU Societal Purpose Survey to consider how different the views of Millennials are from todayʼs business leaders.

The findings endorse the importance of the societal purpose of business. This creates opportunities for business leaders – both individually and collectively – and for the long-term success of their businesses. Today’s business leaders can do more to understand the purpose, impact, and leadership expected of business in society, and to articulate their own contribution to it.

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