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FREDERICTON – Election day is drawing ever closer and some new numbers are suggesting the race may be tighter than expected.

A poll released yesterday by Ottawa-based Abacus Data Inc. shows the Progressive Conservatives getting support from 42 per cent of decided voters, four points ahead of the Liberals, who sit at 38 per cent.

The NDP have 11 per cent, the Greens six and the People’s Alliance two per cent.

“It’s a close race, so while the research finds that the Tories have a small lead, it’s within the margin of error,” says David Coletto, Abacus CEO. “Basically what we’ve seen over the course of the campaign is that preferences have changed and they could still change. But I think things are tightening.”

Other recently reported surveys have put the PCs even further ahead of the Liberals, but the Abacus poll is slightly more recent, which Coletto says could partly explain the difference.

The poll showed 17 per cent of those sampled were undecided.

“You always get a group of people who say they’re undecided and often these are people who may not end up voting, or often what the undecided does is it splits fairly close to what we’re seeing in the decided voters,” Coletto says.

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