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Watch Abacus’ David Coletto at Canadian Council of Chief Executives Conference

Abacus Data CEO was a panelist at the Canadian Council of Chief Executives conference on Jobs and Skills in the 21st Century. Check out the session below:

Millennials driving the new economy: Just who are they?

Abacus Data CEO David Coletto was a guest on BNN talking about Millennials and what they mean for the economy and investors

No regrets about election outcome, say Albertans in new poll

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto We have just completed a major, in depth survey among 1,000 residents of Alberta. The first results are described here and in a release on Saturday, while more of the data will be available in the coming weeks. WHO DID WHAT? Somewhat remarkably, given the history of the province,

Budget propels Conservatives to 8 point lead

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Yesterday we released new polling data on how Canadians reacted to the Federal Budget and their perceptions about the economy. Today we explore voting inclinations. VOTING INTENTION The Conservative Party has opened up an 8-point lead over the Liberal Party. Across Canada, 36% of decided voters in our sample

Federal Budget a Success for Conservatives

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Our latest nationwide polling explored several topics, which we will post over the next week. For this release, we look at feelings about the economy and the federal budget. The Economy The majority of those surveyed (56%) say the economy is in very good or good shape, compared to

CIVIX Student Budget Consultation 2015 Results

High school students to Finance Minister Oliver: Balance the budget and increase spending on education, the environment, and healthcare Despite the decline in oil prices and government revenues, 49% of high schools students believe that the federal government should do everything it can to make sure the budget is balanced this year. For the third

Millennials don’t think they are doomed

New poll finds they’re not nearly as pessimistic as often assumed John Geddes April 10, 2015 They’ve been called Generation Screwed. Born in the wake of the demographics-dominating Baby Boomers, the much-mythologized Generation X, and Gen Y (whatever that is), the Millennials—kids coming of age in this century—are supposed to be in tough. You’ve probably

Life, Work, and the Emerging Workforce Study

Young Canadians are more optimistic than pessimistic about the job market Most think their generation will live as well or better than their parents’ generation Young Canadians are significantly more optimistic than pessimistic about the job market and, by a two-to-one margin, believe their generation will enjoy a standard of living higher than that of

Liberals and Tories Tied as Harper’s Negatives Rise

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Along with our study on perceptions about the Hijab and Niqb released Wednesday, our latest nationwide polling explored our monthly political tracking questions. Our findings: Across Canada, 33% of our decided voters in our sample would vote Liberal, 32% Conservative, and 23% NDP.  The Green Party polls at 6%

Niqabs, Hijabs, Anxiety and Accommodation

By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto UPDATED at 12:15pm ET Our latest nationwide study of public opinion included questions about the rights of Muslim women to wear the hijab or the niqab. To assist respondents in considering this topic, we showed them pictures of both garments, and asked separate questions about each. Highlights • 51%
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