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By John A. Lahtinen
Hartford Business

They are confident, demanding, affluent, diverse, well-educated, passionate, socially-conscious and regard smartphones, Facebook and Twitter as routine ways of life rather than cutting-edge.

They are the millennials, also known as Gen Y, and they now represent nearly half of the workforce — 80 million strong.

Generally born in the late ’80’s to early ’90’s and radically different from their parents — or any other generation for that matter — the rapid infusion of millennials into the workforce has left many businesses not only scrambling to attract and retain this unique set of individuals, but also learning to understand the major influence they possess.

“Millennials want to start at the top, or at least be on their way up the corporate ladder shortly after starting a job,” said Kim Pita, managing director at The Pita Group in Rocky Hill. “They are quickly becoming the most educated generation.”

Millennials aren’t interested in the way things “have always been done,” rather they thrive on being assigned specific tasks without strict parameters around them.

“This generation is very proficient with all types of technology and demand that they have the latest and greatest tools to do their job,” said Carol Kardas of KardasLarson LLC Human Resource Solutions in Avon and past president of the Human Resource Association of Central Connecticut. “They will use online resources to get answers because this is the way they are used to doing it. They will take the task and run with it — while multi-tasking all the time.”

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