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JANUARY 31, 2012
The Cornell Daily Sun

It’s been said time and time again that children, so delicate, are our most precious resources. But that notion may have been applied a bit too gratuitously to our generation. Of all the labels that have been pinned on us — the Millennials, the Facebook generation, Generation Y, even the dumbest generation — perhaps the descriptor that would most accurately capture our identity is the bubble-wrapped generation. After all, we were raised by our parents to be timid, taking one overly cautious step after another.

But it’s not mom and dad’s fault. Every day we see a clinical study or survey released claiming mammograms do more harm than good, cell phones do indeed cause tumors or another news story of a kidnapped adolescent or a cruise liner disaster. To our parents, the world is in a state of ruthless anarchy filled with predators.

Petrified, they parents have gone to extraordinary lengths to insulate their children from the slightest threats and have demanded the same from kindergarten teachers all the way to college administrators. As kids, we wore knee pads whenever we played, took daily vitamins and weren’t allowed to walk home alone from school, especially not after dark. We were always kept on a short, invisible leash and our comfort levels were always inflated to their maximum.

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