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The local traveller will be around for one more season, at least.

By: Oksana Kishchuk Three months ago in July, optimism about travel was building. Back then, we were full of optimism about a lot of things. Vaccinations becoming more commonplace, cases seeing a dip in the summer heat, and a growing sense of hope and optimism that we may not have to endure another COVID fall

The return to normal travel is delayed, but not cancelled.

By: Oksana Kishchuk Just this week, the federal government announced plans to open our borders to international travelers, starting in August. This is one of the first signals we’ve seen about ‘post-pandemic’ travel, and a return to normal tourism. But as Canada opens its borders, how do Canadians themselves feel about traveling? Earlier this month

As the pandemic continues, more Canadians than ever are considering RVing this summer.

TORONTO – A national survey of 2,000 Canadian adults conducted for RVezy.com finds that more Canadians are considering going RVing this summer as concerns about COVID-19 change the kind of vacation people are looking for. ALMOST HALF OF CANADIANS ARE PLANNING TO TAKE OR ARE THINKING ABOUT TAKING A SUMMER VACATION THIS YEAR. Despite the

A CEO Abroad: David Coletto’s insights on millennials and tourism – Scotland Edition

Today our CEO David Coletto will deliver the keynote address at the National Events Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. The conference brings together events and festival professionals from across Scotland and the UK to discuss future and current trends of the experiential industry. In anticipation of his address, he was interviewed by EventsBase Magazine’s Kevin O’Sullivan

Air France unveils new ‘Millennial’ airline

  “Is this gluten-free?” the voice inquired from the seat behind me on a recent flight. “I’m on a gluten-free diet for the next 30 days so I just want to make sure there’s none in here.” The subject of discussion, a pack of peanuts, the answer to the gentleman’s question, ‘yes’. It was at

The Surprising Source Millennials are Turning to for Travel Money

It’s no secret how much Millennials love to travel. In fact, one study found that 87% of Millennials saw travel as a very important aspect of their lifestyle, and 86% planned to travel the globe as much as possible in their life. However, Millennials face one major obstacle to making their wanderlust a reality- finances.

Food Tourism draws Millennials to unlikely destination

If you know anything about Millennials, you likely know about our love for food. Past generations have shown appreciation for cuisine sure, but Millennials take this to a whole new level. Indeed, entire communities of Millennials have developed around food culture, dubbing themselves “Foodies”. What does it mean to be a part of the “Foodie”

Forget the Bed Bugs: Millennials opt for a new kind of hostel

As discussed in an earlier post, Canadian Millennials are opting to travel abroad rather than domestically. But where are they staying during their backpacking adventures? Ask any Millennial and they’ll all tell you the same thing – hostels! The more affordable counterpart to traditional hotels, hostels are distinguished by their communal facilities and younger guests.

School’s Out For Summer: Millennials and Vacation

With summer right around the corner, many are wondering where to spend their vacation. For Millennials, the answer likely isn’t Canada. A recent study by Destination Canada revealed that Millennials are eight times more likely to travel internationally than domestically. Factors cited include prohibitively expensive domestic airfare and the lack of affordable accommodations. While these

Good decisions require good data.