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Liberal support strong despite Tory attacks: Poll

BY DAVID AKIN ,NATIONAL BUREAU CHIEF OTTAWA — Despite a steady barrage of Conservative radio ads attacking Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau over the past several months, Trudeau’s party is maintaining a healthy lead in the polls over both its major rivals. The latest Abacus Data federal vote intention poll, provided exclusively to QMI Agency, shows the

Toronto Sun: NHL fans losing interest in the game they love

BY TERRY DAVIDSON ,TORONTO SUN TORONTO – Hockey fans across Canada are fed up with the NHL lockout and are bitter enough to walk away from the game they love, according to a recent poll. A whopping 76% of Canadians identifying themselves as fans of NHL hockey feel this season will be “lost entirely,” and almost half said

Toronto Sun: Volatile B.C. voters could shift power in Ottawa

BY DAVID AKIN ,PARLIAMENTARY BUREAU CHIEF OTTAWA – The country’s two leading political parties are finding that pipeline politics is having a significant effect on voter’s partisan preferences, a new poll says. The federal Conservatives, strong proponents of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline which would carry Alberta crude over the Rockies to the northern B.C. port

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