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Sun News: Crunching the Numbers after Super Tuesday

David Coletto goes over the exit polls from Super Tuesday and the Republican nomination.

Calgary Sun: Northern Gateway backers have upper hand: Poll

BY DANIEL PROUSSALIDIS ,PARLIAMENTARY BUREAU OTTAWA  – Despite years of anti-oilsands campaigns, a new poll has found Canadians are more likely to support than oppose Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal. An Abacus Data poll exclusively for QMI Agency has found 38% of those asked supported the pipeline that would link Alberta’s oilsands and a tanker terminal in

Toronto Sun: Merry Christmas OK with Canadians: poll

BY JESSICA MURPHY ,PARLIAMENTARY BUREAU OTTAWA – Merry Christmas! At least, that’s what you’re likely to hear from fellow Canadians in the coming weeks, according to a new poll. An overwhelming majority of people across Canada – 76% – are more likely to use that greeting instead of the generic happy holidays and seasons greetings, indicates

Sun News Network: Showcasing the New Election Scoreboard

Previewed during the 2011 Ontario provincial election coverage, David Coletto of Abacus Data gives a quick tutorial on the latest technology used by Sun News to bring its viewers the very best insight and analysis.

Sun News Network: Survey on Freedom of Information at the CBC

David Coletto joins the Roundtable on Sun News Network to discuss an Abacus Data poll commissioned by Sun News on public attitudes towards freedom of information at the CBC. You can read the article on the poll here.      

Sun News Network: NDP numbers hold steady despite Turmel’s early struggles

David Coletto speaks with Caryn Lieberman on Right Now about new Angus Reid polling results suggesting that the revelation of interim leader Nycole Turmel’s past BQ and Quebec Solidare memberships hasn’t  hurt the NDP in the polls.  The Conservatives continue to have a healthy 8-point lead over the NDP with the Liberals still trailing in

Sun News Network: American public’s reaction to the debt ceiling debate

David Coletto joins Caryn Lieberman on Sun News’ Right Now to discuss new poll numbers of American reaction to the debt ceiling negotiations. You can view the poll cited here.  

Abacus Data Celebrates its 1st Anniversary

One year ago, the partners at Summa Strategies and Abacus Data’s founding CEO, announced the creation of a new strategic research firm headquartered in Canada’s national capital. Since then, Abacus Data has quickly established itself as a trust research partner for a wide variety of clients. With its young and experienced team of research professionals,

Sun News Network: Coletto reports on a new poll on privatizing Canadian Crown corps

Abacus CEO David Coletto discusses the findings of a new Abacus Data poll on privatizing Via Rail, CBC, and Canada Post with the Daily Brief’s David Akin. Watch here

Sun News Network: Coletto discusses survey on back to work legislation

Watch the Video Here

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