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Sun News: Summer ends with three-way tie among federal party support

DAVID AKIN | PARLIAMENTARY BUREAU CHIEF After a summer of one embarrassing Senate scandal after another, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are likely to take whatever little good news they can find these days.And, in the latest survey provided exclusively to QMI Agency by Abacus Data, there is, in fact, the tiniest nugget of good news for the ruling

52% of survey respondents didn’t know Canada is trying to secure EU trade deal

JESSICA HUME | QMI AGENCY OTTAWA – A small majority of Canadians who responded to a new survey had no idea the government is attempting to clinch a trade deal with the European Union, but those who were aware are overwhelmingly in favour.According to the Abacus Data survey, 48% of respondents knew of the government’s trade negotiations

Sun News: Canadians Don’t Want Government in their Kitchens

On the eve of the second reading of a bill that would regulate the sodium content in packaged food, Sun News pollster David Coletto explains how Canadians feel about it.  

Sun News Network: Tories and NDP tied at 35%

David spoke with Pat Bolland on AM Agenda this morning about the newest Abacus Data poll on federal politics    

Sun News Network: Canadians Want Nexen Deal Nixed

David joined Alex Pierson on AM Agenda to discuss the new Abacus Poll on the Nexen/CNOOC deal.  

Sun News Network: One in four Canadians ready to kick Quebec out

David joined AM Agenda to discuss the new Sun News/QMI/Abacus Data poll on Quebec.

Sun News: And they are off in Quebec’s provincial election

David joined Caryn Lieberman on Right Now to discuss the newest poll numbers of out Quebec as Jean Charest called a provincial election for Sept 4.    

Sun News: US Political Update – Obama and Romney neck and neck

David appeared on AM Agenda on the Sun News Network to discuss the latest numbers out of the US.  

Sun News: Rating Canada’s Provinces for Canada Day

David appeared on Sun News to discuss Abacus’ latest poll on what Canadians think of their country’s provinces.

Sun News: Tories and NDP tied

David appeared on AM Agenda on the Sun News Network to discuss Abacus’ new national survey.  

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